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Who are we?

Pioneering Progress: Delight Group’s Dedication to Innovation
Amidst the evolving contours of global growth, Delight Group emerges as a vanguard of transformation, driven by innovation and steadfast commitment. Beyond mere existence, we embody the essence of sculpting Nepal’s developmental narrative through pioneering solutions and unwavering determination.

Our Defining Identity: Introducing Delight Group, a paramount force in shaping progress, a social business that harnesses the vigor of youth to propel Nepal forward. Our purpose transcends customary boundaries; we ignite social entrepreneurship among the youth, nurtured within a culture of ceaseless innovation. Our essence extends beyond conventional products and services; it revolves around engineering a comprehensive transformation across Nepal’s potential landscape.

Fostering Youth Empowerment: Central to our mission is the empowerment of Nepal’s youth, tapping into their potential as architects of change. Delight Group serves as a conduit for their ideas, elevating them into impactful solutions that resonate far beyond traditional confines.

Championing Social Entrepreneurs: Our voyage is not solitary; it’s a symphony of inspiration. By championing social entrepreneurship, we cultivate a generation of trailblazers who perceive challenges as prospects and solutions as catalysts for progress. Our initiatives coalesce to forge a community of change-makers, steadfast in steering Nepal towards an empowered future.

Navigating Market Realities: In an era of volatility and fluctuating markets, Delight Group stands resolute. We discern the market’s concerns, committed to alleviating them. Every stakeholder, client, or customer is not a transaction; they are individuals deserving of unwavering support and unparalleled excellence.

A Vision Beyond Borders: While our roots thrive in Nepal, our vision transcends geographical boundaries. Delight Group envisions global expansion, propagating our principles of innovation, empowerment, and transformation on a global scale.

The Delight Approach: Our core embodies visionary leadership and impeccable interaction finesse. Our expertise spans beyond the technical realm, firmly rooted in effective communication, adaptable teamwork, and a resolve to surmount challenges. We epitomize the attributes of rapid learning, creative ideation, and unwavering diligence.

Resonating Impact: Delight Group doesn’t merely present solutions; it orchestrates indelible impacts. Our initiatives span a spectrum of programs, services, and consultancies, each thoughtfully curated to amplify diverse domains. From ingenious campaigns to transformative courses, our efforts coalesce into a symphony that echoes progress.

Collaborative Excellence: Through strategic partnerships with Siddhartha Solution Pvt. Ltd. and Aviyanta Global Consults Pvt. Ltd., Delight Group solidifies its global stance. Collaborating closely with manufacturers and service providers, we enhance quality, standardization, events, productivity, and competitiveness, fostering global contributions.

Innovation as Legacy: We transcend conformity to set trends ablaze. “Bringing up an idea” isn’t a mere catchphrase; it’s a commitment to fuel entrepreneurship worldwide. Amidst world’s internal dynamics, we aspire to cultivate an environment where entrepreneurial spirit flourishes, cultivating hope, dignity, and a positive ethos.

Promising Progress: Delight Group signifies progress, inspiration, and innovation. Challenges aren’t obstacles; they’re opportunities embraced. Shared knowledge, experiences, and tales of triumph and adversity mold a landscape where each individual, enterprise, and endeavor contributes to Nepal’s growth narrative.

Empowerment through Experience: Empowerment is born through exposure, experience, and prowess. We reimagine corporate terrain, crafting solutions that reverberate, impact, and transcend. Our vision ignites surroundings with creative energy, delivering not just service but an immersive experience.

Excellence’s Journey: Our dedication to excellence is unwavering. We stand as a premier ISO system certification aide in Nepal, collaborating with globally recognized accrediting agencies. Through partnership, we amplify quality, productivity, and competency, contributing to global competitiveness.

Unified for Success: Delight Group is a conglomerate of professionals fueled by expertise and innovation. Spearheaded by industry stalwarts overseeing daily operations, our initiatives align with key success metrics: enhancing life quality, environmental benefits, and regional competitiveness.

A Pledge of Mutual Growth: Partnerships extend a mutual hand of growth and collaboration. Delight Group values the role partners play in our journey, crafting a narrative of collective triumph. Building and nurturing these bonds align with our fundamental principles.

In Global’s grand developmental canvas, Delight Group is the brushstroke of innovation, empowerment, and steadfast commitment. Delight Group cherishes the role our partners play in our journey, crafting a narrative of collective triumph. Fostering and nurturing these bonds aligns seamlessly with our fundamental principles.  Our vision transcends borders, our legacy surpasses trends – we are architects of Nepal’s metamorphosis, not mere participants.

Delight Group: Crafting Triumphs with Clear Mission, Vision, and Objectives

  1. Cultivating Global Connections: At Delight Group, our mission resonates with the cultivation and growth of a robust international group and business network. We envision a future where our influence transcends borders, fostering collaborations that catalyze progress and innovation on a global scale.
  2. We continue to create and Pioneering Innovation: Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously develop and employ cutting-edge tools and implementation practices. As we evolve, we remain at the forefront of innovation, creating solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.tilize cutting-edge tools and implementation practices.
  3. Unwavering Reliability: Our foundational principle is to be a steadfast and dependable partner in all aspects of business operations. We pledge stability and consistency, ensuring that our stakeholders find unwavering support and a partner they can trust through the dynamic landscape of business.
  4. Elevating Customer Experience: Our promise extends beyond services; it encapsulates a transformative customer experience. Delight Group is dedicated to delivering superior quality services that align with the unique demands of our clients’ businesses and individuals. We embody the spirit of exceeding expectations, constantly raising the bar.
  5. Championing Continuous Improvement: We embrace the ethos of perpetual enhancement. Our mission is to consistently surpass what is expected, reflecting a commitment to constant refinement. Delight Group aspires to lead by example, inspiring improvement in all dimensions of business and beyond.
  6. Enabling Corporate Triumph: As our clients’ partners, we strive to do more than just offer solutions; we empower them to overcome challenges and fortify their enterprises. Our vision encapsulates tailor-made strategies that address corporate needs, ensuring our clients surge forward, unimpeded by obstacles.
  7. Delight Group’s Elevating Corporate Success Together: At Delight Group, we redefine excellence across a spectrum of corporate endeavors, ensuring unparalleled success in every facet. From meticulously curated corporate events that leave lasting impressions to transformative training programs designed for sustainable growth, our commitment to excellence permeates every service. At the heart of Delight Group lies a dedication to fostering growth, providing not just services but pathways to success. Whether it’s event management, comprehensive training initiatives, strategic consultations, or meticulous planning, we stand as a beacon of excellence, guiding businesses towards unprecedented achievements.

Delight Group’s mission is to cultivate a robust global network, pioneering innovation through cutting-edge tools, and offering unwavering reliability as a business partner. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences that surpass expectations, constantly striving for improvement. Our vision focuses on empowering clients by providing tailored solutions to overcome challenges and elevate their enterprises. Guided by these principles, we illuminate a path toward a brighter and more empowered future for all.

From the perspective of Director

Warm greetings from Delight Group. Our foremost aspiration remains to witness your delighted endeavors. In the current landscape, marked by challenges and uncertainties, it is crucial to acknowledge that the winds of change, while disruptive, also bear the potential to fill our sails and propel us forward. Our commitment to swift adaptation is fueled by our pursuit of uncharted markets, innovative avenues for revenue generation, and pioneering approaches to customer engagement.

Furthermore, our business model stands as a paragon of service-oriented excellence. Every facet of corporate requisites is encapsulated within our comprehensive suite of services. Our expertise extends beyond mere technical troubleshooting; we are dedicated to unlocking doors to innovation and fostering new dimensions of growth. Our diverse clientele, ranging from industry leaders to governmental entities, medium-sized enterprises, and small businesses, entrust us with intricate and valuable projects. This trust is forged upon our steadfast commitment to not only addressing technical complexities but also igniting the flames of innovation.

As pioneers in the market, Delight Group embodies the capabilities to orchestrate a seamless transition to analytical platforms. From conducting meticulous business process audits to offering unparalleled technical support and training, our services encompass the entire spectrum required for successful platform integration. In this dynamic era, we stand prepared to be your strategic ally, dedicated to propelling your aspirations beyond the horizons of possibility. Let us navigate these winds of change together and steer toward a future of unparalleled growth and innovation.

Delight Group : Shaping Corporate Triumphs

01. Strategic Digital Advancement

Harnessing the power of digital marketing and sales, we expand the market foothold and explore uncharted territories, propelling your brand to the forefront.

02. Streamlining Corporate Efficiency

Through meticulous optimization of standard corporate procedures, we elevate productivity while curbing expenses, ensuring your operations thrive.

03 .Versatile Solutions, Unparalleled Expertise

Our multi-vendor approach, coupled with extensive knowledge, allows us to cater to diverse customer needs with unwavering precision.

04. Agile Affordability

Our services are not just flexible; they are priced to align with economic trends, ensuring effective responsiveness to market dynamics.

05. Empowerment through Tools

By giving useful business tools, you can inspire clients.

06. Automation and Innovation

Our prowess lies in automating innovative business processes and constructing robust organizational systems from the ground up.

07. Harmonious System Enhancements

By crafting enhancements to customer systems, we ensure minimal disruption to business performance while optimizing over the project’s lifecycle.

08. Project Portfolio Mastery:

Our experts enable efficient portfolio management by providing comprehensive information on costs and benefits, leading to informed decision-making.

09. Proven Success Spectrum

Our track record boasts a myriad of triumphant projects spanning companies of all sizes, attesting to our adaptability and efficacy.

10. Methodological Brilliance

Anchored in well-proven methods tested across various projects, our implementation approach follows meticulous planning and best practices, safeguarding against risks and guaranteeing success.

11. Customer-Centric Focus

Delight Group’s core is built around our clients. We listen, understand, and tailor solutions that align with their unique needs, fostering enduring partnerships.

12. Innovative Problem-Solving

We thrive on challenges, transforming them into opportunities for innovation. Our problem-solving approach fuels creativity, unlocking new pathways to success.

13. Global Outlook, Local Expertise

With a global perspective and local insights, we navigate complex landscapes seamlessly, enabling clients to expand their horizons with confidence.

10. Empowering Transformation

Delight Group isn’t just about change; it’s about transformation. We empower organizations to evolve, adapt, and flourish in the face of change.

Why partner with us?

A Confluence of Excellence and Integrity

01. Holistic Trust Building

Our production ecosystem blends professional corporate infrastructure, a global network spanning continents, forward-looking techniques, and novel initiatives, all steeped in trust. We root our operations in a customer-centric and quality-first ethos, anchoring our foundation in earned trust.

02. Excellence as a Commitment

Striving for excellence, we transcend conventional thresholds by ensuring optimal quality, punctual deliveries, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive suite of services. Our corporate endeavors mirror our strategy of elevating customer satisfaction.

03. Ethical Impact

As torchbearers of ethical business conduct, we uphold standards, comply with laws, and contribute positively to society’s well-being. Our commitment extends beyond profitability to embrace shared prosperity and responsible practices.

04. Technical Expertise Unveiled

From product design to meticulous analysis and inspection, our technical services portfolio is comprehensive. We tackle challenges with innovative precision, drawing from a dynamic approach and data-driven insights garnered from our extensive experience.

05. Collaborative Synergy

Our partnerships are more than just alliances; they are synergistic collaborations. Together, we navigate complexities, seize opportunities, and forge pathways to mutual success.

06. Future-Ready Solutions

As architects of progress, we anticipate future demands, adapting swiftly to industry shifts and trends. Partnering with us ensures not only immediate solutions but also a resilient approach to evolving market dynamics.

About us

Introducing Our Accomplished Team

Meet the exceptional team at Best Practice, poised to guide you through your transformative journey towards business enhancement. Our team of experts embodies the essence of excellence, dedicated to coordinating an evolution that encompasses both learning and improvement.

Each step of this journey is carefully curated, culminating in an experience that transcends mere service provision. We stand ready to not just assist but to offer nuanced recommendations that guide you toward realizing your goals with utmost precision.

With a collective commitment to professionalism, innovation, and unwavering dedication, our team is a testament to the improvements you can achieve when you partner with Best Practice. Trust us to propel your journey toward success, one step at a time.

Founder / CEO

Prajwal Bhattarai

Business Associate

Santosh Giri

Regional Program Officer

Kapil Lamichhane

Field Support Officer

Sujit Kumar Chaudhary

Public Domain Head

Prasanna Dhungel

Communication and Customer Relation Officer

Pradeep Giri

Corporate Legal Partner

Bibek Yonjan

International trainer

Dr. Junius Silva

International Business Associate

Alamgir Hossain Milky

International Auditor/ Trainer

Samar Kanti Ghosh

Our Business Associates & Partners

Driving Social Impact: Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Embedded within the core values of our company is an unwavering dedication to effecting positive change on a global scale. Our beacon for this transformative journey is the exploration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with a distinct emphasis on nurturing sustainable development. Our pursuit revolves around the advancement of sustainable development, guided by a profound dedication to reshaping the future.

Aligned with our corporate philosophy, every facet of our professional cadre, including senior management, stands resolute in its pledge to champion sustainable development. We construct enduring partnerships, fostering positive collaborative environments that extend far beyond business horizons encompassing a holistic approach, our initiatives span a spectrum of offerings, from empowering free workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing, and corporate training to comprehensive management consultations and resolute quality advocacy. Our footprint extends even further, embracing youth-centric endeavors and ventures aligned with socially impactful causes.

Embracing our commitment to tackling environmental and societal challenges, we collaborate seamlessly with the Scholastic Foundation Nepal, Creating Opportunities International Pvt. Ltd. (a platform dedicated to youth empowerment and voluntary opportunities), and other esteemed organizations. In our relentless pursuit of a better world, Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just a mandate; it’s a shared responsibility that defines our purpose, permeates our actions, and embodies our commitment to leaving an indelible legacy of progress.

Our approach is comprehensive and multifaceted, as we weave together an array of initiatives that embody our commitment to societal well-being. From the provision of enriching free workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing, and corporate training, to the dissemination of expert insights through management consultations and resolute quality advocacy – our contributions are diverse and impactful. Through a synergy of purpose, we reaffirm our dedication to leaving an enduring legacy of advancement and meaningful impact.

News and Updates

Our Recognition in Media Mentions

Stay connected with the latest developments in the world of Delight Group through our News and Updates section. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of news articles, press releases, and insights that offer a glimpse into our activities, achievements, and industry trends. We believe that staying informed is crucial for making informed decisions, and our News and Updates section is designed to provide you with valuable insights that can drive your business forward.

Our team of experts regularly contributes to this section with articles that cover a wide range of topics, from emerging technologies to market trends and best practices. Whether you’re a business leader, industry professional, or simply curious about the latest happenings in our sphere, our News and Updates section is your go-to resource for staying in the know. We invite you to explore our latest articles, engage in discussions, and share your thoughts on the topics that matter most to you. By staying connected with Delight Group through our News and Updates, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

Embarking on a Vision: Let's Transform Ideas into Reality with Delight Group

At Delight Group, we embody the essence of our motto ‘Bringing up an Idea.’ We believe that every concept, every spark of innovation has the potential to be nurtured into a thriving reality. With a seamless blend of professionalism and creativity, we are ready to collaborate with you.

If you have a project in mind, let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Delight Group is ready to transform your ideas into reality, leveraging our corporate prowess and creative ingenuity. We’re not just project partners; we’re catalysts of innovation and success. Reach out to us, and let’s start turning your vision into a resounding reality.

Visionary Collaboration:

We don't just work on projects; we collaborate on visions. We're excited to join hands with you, bringing our expertise and insights to the table. With Delight Group, your ideas find the perfect platform for growth and turn your project aspirations into tangible successes.

Innovation at Heart:

Creativity is our heartbeat. We infuse innovation into every project, weaving fresh ideas into the fabric of our strategy. By marrying proven methodologies with imaginative thinking, we create solutions that stand out in the corporate landscape.

Precision and Excellence:

We don't just aim for success; we strive for excellence. Our commitment to precision ensures that every aspect of your project is meticulously handled, from conceptualization to implementation. Quality is our hallmark, and your project will reflect our dedication to perfection.

Tailored Solutions

Just as every idea is unique, so are our solutions. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of your vision and crafts strategies that align with your goals. From meticulous planning to strategic execution, we ensure a tailor-made approach for your project.

Seamless Integration:

Collaboration with Delight Group is a seamless journey. Our professionals work in synergy with your team, ensuring that your project is an organic extension of your business objectives. With our guidance, your idea finds its rightful place within your overall strategy.

End-to-End Support:

Delight Group doesn't just offer solutions; we provide comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle. From ideation to execution, and beyond, we stand by your side, offering insights, guidance, and expertise at every juncture.

Sustainability Practices: Crafting a Responsible Future

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s a commitment to responsible practices that shape a better future. At Delight Group, sustainability is ingrained in our ethos. We collaborate with organizations to embrace ethical business conduct, resource optimization, and initiatives that create a positive impact on society and the environment.

Ethical Business, Responsible Impact

Our sustainability practices extend beyond compliance, reflecting our dedication to ethical conduct that uplifts communities. From promoting fair practices to fostering inclusivity, we guide organizations in making meaningful contributions to society while achieving business goals.

Resource Optimization for Long-Term Viability

Sustainability is intertwined with resource optimization. Through our practices, we help organizations optimize processes, minimize waste, and drive operational efficiency. This not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances long-term viability.

Audit and Inspection: Intelligence for Growth

Navigate the evolving business landscape with confidence through Delight Group’s audit and inspection solutions. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond compliance, offering organizations actionable intelligence for growth and improvement.

Customized Audits for Precise Insights: One-size-fits-all approaches don’t work in today’s intricate business environment. Our customized audits delve deep into your operations, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. The result is strategic insights that fuel growth and innovation.

First and Second-Party Audits for Assurance: Delight Group offers both first-party and second-party audits, providing organizations with the assurance they need to thrive. Our meticulous approach ensures compliance while offering valuable insights to optimize processes and enhance performance.

At Delight Group, every topic reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and transformative impact. Explore our website to uncover the comprehensive spectrum of services, expertise, and solutions that define our approach. Join us in shaping a future marked by collaboration, knowledge, and sustainable practices.